Looking for Sponsors

To fund the #PLASUS21 workshop and 3 months of a 65% position for research, the organization and evaluation of the workshop and the refinement of its results, a crowdfunding campaign on wemakeit.com is running until 2nd March 2021.

You or your institution can appear as a workshop or lecture sponsor, choose a personal reward or just add your good name as a supporter of the project. Also for individual donations, there are very cool rewards!

If you think this is important and want to support planetary sustainability with your contribution, head this way, please: https://wemakeit.com/projects/planetary-sustainability-21?locale=en

If you want to support, but can’t do it through this platform, we find another way.
Your interest is very much appreciated!

Published by Dr. Andreas Losch, MBA

Protestantischer Theologe im Dialog mit den Naturwissenschaften, speziell Weltraumforschung und Nachhaltigkeitsfragen. Engagiert im christlich-jüdischen Gespräch. Leitbildexperte. MBA.

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