Fruits for the Future

Now the most prominent fruits of the planetary sustainability project are all available online, and open access. Read my short introductory editorial to the planetary sustainability collection, just published: All of the articles of the collection are provided by leading experts in the field:

  • Simonetta Di Pippo (UNOOSA): The contribution of space for a more sustainable earth: leveraging space to achieve the sustainable development goals
  • Ulrike M. Bohlmann, Gina Petrovici (ESA): Developing planetary sustainability: Legal challenges of Space 4.0
  • Mahulena Hofmann, Federico Bergamasco (University of Luxembourg): Space resources activities from the perspective of sustainability: legal aspects
  • Larry F. Martinez (California State University): Legal regime sustainability in outer space: theory and practice
  • Johannes Wallacher, Stefan Einsiedel, Andreas Gösele (Munich School of Philosophy): Sustainable development: in space as on Earth?
  • Markus Vogt, Christoph Weber (Ludwig Maximilian University Munich): Current challenges to the concept of sustainability
  • Claus Beisbart (University of Bern): Do we need an ethics of planetary sustainability?

Read all of the articles here:

I thank Cambridge University Press and the editor-in-chief of GlobalSustainability, Johan Rockström, for the great opportunity of this collaboration.

I also want to mention again the overview article I wrote together with astrophysicist André Galli for the COSPAR community (recently quoted by Peter Singer):

Feel free to share and tweet about the articles. I am looking forward to your feedback.

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