#SDG18 Talk @HULT Global Alumni Day

“We are pleased to have Dr. Andreas Losch who will hold an incredible webinar on the occasion of International Alumni Day. He will be speaking on the idea of proposing a new SDG, on Space Environment. Given the current natural disasters and fires overtaking Europe and the world, we very much welcome the topic ofContinue reading “#SDG18 Talk @HULT Global Alumni Day”

#PLASUS21 recordings available now

Thank you for your interest in planetary sustainability 21: challenges, opportunities and necessities. You can now view the workshop sessions on youtube. Due to technical difficulties, the presentation by Andreas Losch was postponed to the beginning of the afternoon session. The original schedule you find here. Speakers’ bios and abstracts are also available.

#PLASUS21 Speakers

Meet the esteemed speakers of our planetary sustainability workshop, and learn what they will talk about. Dr. Natália Archinardholds the space portfolio at the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs of Switzerland. She has been leading the Swiss delegation to the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS) for more than aContinue reading “#PLASUS21 Speakers”

2021 Crowdfunding Backers

A big THANK YOU to all the backers of the 2021 crowdfunding campaign on wemakeit.com, and to the… Workshop sponsorsFDFA, RefBeJuSo, UZH Space Hub, ISSI Bern PlanetJudith Pörksen Roder ProbeDaniel Hubacher MoonAndré Galli, Roland Jesseit, Edith Jacober CometMartin Rubin SatelliteCaroline Brugger AsteroidStephanie Deplanque, Pablo de Felipe, Stefan Losch, Frank Vogelsang, Oliver Ullrich MeteorSascha Flüchter, GregContinue reading “2021 Crowdfunding Backers”

Workshop sponsors

The very first workshop sponsor is the UZH Space Hub, part of the UZH Innovation Hub, which is a platform for innovation and entrepreneurship at the University of Zurich. It acts as a catalyst to accelerate the development of new inventions and ideas and strengthens the transfer of innovative research and teaching to the economyContinue reading “Workshop sponsors”

Media Partner: spacewatch.global

We are very happy to announce the media partner for our #PLASUS21 workshop: spacewatch.global! Best known by its global series of Space Cafés and the opinion pieces published on its website, Space Watch Global provides an independent perspective on space. We also aim at using their expert hosting technology for the workshop. Stay tuned! IfContinue reading “Media Partner: spacewatch.global”

Space Café on Religion, Ethics and Space

You can now listen to the recording of Moriba Jah’s space café on religion, ethics and space. It will help you understand more deeply why planetary sustainability is important. It was my great pleasure to participate in these bold and visionary discussions with Prof. Jah and: Brother Guy Consolmagno – Director, The Vatican Observatory. (CatholicContinue reading “Space Café on Religion, Ethics and Space”

#PLASUS21 Workshop

PLAnetary SUStainability 21: Challenges, Opportunities and Necessities The workshop connected space & global sustainability, key space actors and sustainability thinkers and took place on Thursday 29/4/21  9-17 CET online.View the recordings here. Schedule: 09:00-9:05 Opening: Natália Archinard (Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs) 09:05-9:30 Planetary Sustainability: the concept (Andreas Losch with André Galli, University of BernContinue reading “#PLASUS21 Workshop”