Space is our Environment, too

The starry sky above us is in danger. Mega constellations brighten the night , junk accumulates in Earth’s orbit, and there is the race to the moon and its resources: a truly planetary approach to sustainability, comprising Earth and its space environment is ever more important.

Our Vision

Humans are setting out for the stars. Our space environment is being used more and more intensively, mega constellations are beginning to light up the night sky and disrupt astronomy. Junk is accumulating in the more heavily used Earth orbits, increasing the risk of a cascade effect which renders space-faring impossible. Meanwhile, several countries now want to go to the Moon, and this time plan to use its resources.

As our time on Earth is limited, we need to be able to move. But we need ethical guidelines in the area of outer space, which is an international domain, especially because the law remains open to interpretation.
Moreover, we need to link the issues of sustainable space use with the environmental debate here on Earth: we should develop the outline for an 18th Sustainable Development Goal for our space environment. #SDG18

About Us

This is a non-profit initiative aiming to foster the discussion by organizing international workshops on topic (cf. #PLASUS21 ). The next events will focus on the SDG18 development.

To make this happen, we are fundraising to prolong the project at the University of Bern. Its coordinator is PD Dr. Andreas Losch, MBA, who initiated this research in previous years. He was the first to call for an 18th SDG concerning Outer Space.

PD Dr. Andreas Losch, MBA

What people say about planetary sustainability

People need natural resources to make a living and in the long run this will include natural resources from outer space.

COSPAR Assembly 2018 Member

We (as space researchers) need guidelines to decide how to conduct research benefiting sustainable development.

COSPAR Assembly 2018 Member

Recent Activities

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