This initiative looks for collaboration opportunities to explore relevant research.
Our current scientific research collaborators include:

PD Dr. André Galli, Space Physicist, University of Bern

‘Live and learn – let’s not repeat the mistakes we made on our planet in outer space.’

Dr. Xiao-Shan Yap, Guest Assistant Professor, University of Utrecht,
Environmental Social Scientist, EAWAG

‘We are now witnessing the dawn of an era in which the sustainability of Earth and Space environments become more intertwined than ever.’

A first fruit of these collaboration efforts is an overview article André Galli and me wrote for the COSPAR community:

We are much looking forward to the continuing exchange!

Published by Andreas Losch

Protestant Theologian in Dialogue with Science, particularly Space and Sustainability Sciences. Engaged in Jewish-Christian Dialog. Expert on mission statement. MBA.

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