2021 Crowdfunding Backers

A big THANK YOU to all the backers of the 2021 crowdfunding campaign on wemakeit.com, and to the…

Workshop sponsors
FDFA, RefBeJuSo, UZH Space Hub, ISSI Bern

Judith Pörksen Roder

Daniel Hubacher

André Galli, Roland Jesseit, Edith Jacober

Martin Rubin

Caroline Brugger

Stephanie Deplanque, Pablo de Felipe, Stefan Losch, Frank Vogelsang, Oliver Ullrich

Sascha Flüchter, Greg Jaeger, Pleinert & Partner, Sigrid Sprock, Xiao-Shan Yap

Shooting Star
Hella Blum, Johan Buitendag, Lorenz König, Suzann-Viola Renninger, Dominic Roser

Their wishes are:
More Planetary Sustainability 21!
Reach for the stars!
So that the shooting stars also glow longer!

Kindly pledged without rewards

Alice Bagdhjian, Volker Eulenburg, Jochen Hochheimer, Ted Peters, Anish Seth, Matthias Wüthrich, my wonderful family and Anonymous

A special shout-out to Heinz Hermann Peitz from the Akademie der Diözese Rottenburg-Stuttgart .

Thank you all for your backing!

Published by Andreas Losch

Protestant Theologian in Dialogue with Science, particularly Space and Sustainability Sciences. Engaged in Jewish-Christian Dialog. Expert on mission statement. MBA.

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