Workshop sponsors

The very first workshop sponsor is the UZH Space Hub, part of the UZH Innovation Hub, which is a platform for innovation and entrepreneurship at the University of Zurich. It acts as a catalyst to accelerate the development of new inventions and ideas and strengthens the transfer of innovative research and teaching to the economy and society, exactly what our #PLASUS21 workshop aims at.

The UZH Space Hub therefore supports this initiative with 5.000 CHF.
The hub’s director, Oliver Ullrich, will also be a speaker on our workshop and participate in its evaluation and workshop-related research.

Further sponsors are the Reformed Churches Bern Jura Solothurn (RefBeJuSo), who care for the integrity of creation, with another 5.000 CHF, and the International Space Science Institute (ISSI) Bern, who already supported the DEVPLASUS and SPLASUS workshops, with 1.000 CHF. We much appreciate the support!

Last, but not least, the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs of Switzerland supports the platform used and the workshop report with ~4000 CHF.

If you are interested to align with our cause, we are open for further sponsors of the project. You are much welcome to contact Dr. Andreas Losch.

Published by Andreas Losch

Protestant Theologian in Dialogue with Science, particularly Space and Sustainability Sciences. Engaged in Jewish-Christian Dialog. Expert on mission statement. MBA.

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