World Space Forum 2019

From 18-22 November, the World Space Forum takes part in Vienna, conjointly organized by the United Nations and Austria. The honour to be invited to participate is an obligation. I want to monitor the situation regarding sustainability in space as on Earth, and also promote the idea for an 18th Sustainable Development Goal (SDG): “OurContinue reading “World Space Forum 2019”

How to support? Wie unterstützen?

If you want to support the planetary sustainability project, you can donate any amount you wish to the following account. Please also notify me in advance, so that we actually receive the money; you will also receive a donation receipt, tax-deductible in Switzerland.A new and easy way to support the project individually is via thisContinue reading “How to support? Wie unterstützen?”

Backers 2018

The beginning of our efforts to secure funding for the project was a crowdfunding campaign on wemakeit. Here are the glorious backers, which donated 22.101 CHF: Den Spendenauftakt hat eine Crowdfundingaktion auf wemakeit gemacht. Hier sind die ehrenwerten Unterstützer der erfolgreichen Kampagne, die 22.101 CHF eingeworben hat: Proxima Centauri Benjamin Gräub ( Dimidium Tijmen AukesContinue reading “Backers 2018”