Space Café on Religion, Ethics and Space

You can now listen to the recording of Moriba Jah’s space café on religion, ethics and space. It will help you understand more deeply why planetary sustainability is important. It was my great pleasure to participate in these bold and visionary discussions with Prof. Jah and: Brother Guy Consolmagno – Director, The Vatican Observatory. (CatholicContinue reading “Space Café on Religion, Ethics and Space”

#PLASUS21 Workshop

PLAnetary SUStainability 21: Challenges, Opportunities and Necessities The workshop connected space & global sustainability, key space actors and sustainability thinkers and took place on Thursday 29/4/21  9-17 CET online.View the recordings here. Schedule: 09:00-9:05 Opening: Natália Archinard (Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs) 09:05-9:30 Planetary Sustainability: the concept (Andreas Losch with André Galli, University of BernContinue reading “#PLASUS21 Workshop”


This initiative looks for collaboration opportunities to explore relevant research. Our current scientific research collaborators include: PD Dr. André Galli, Space Physicist, University of Bern ‘Live and learn – let’s not repeat the mistakes we made on our planet in outer space.’ Dr. Xiao-Shan Yap, Guest Assistant Professor, University of Utrecht,Environmental Social Scientist, EAWAG ‘WeContinue reading “Collaborations”

Additional Outcome

Two additional articles on planetary sustainability aspects have now been published in the journal HTS – Theological Studies: Andreas Losch, Developing our Planetary Plan with an 18th United Nations Sustainable Development Goal: Space Environment, Traugott Jähnichen, The dynamics of economic action and the problems of its social embedding – Ethical challenges in view ofContinue reading “Additional Outcome”

Fruits for the Future

Now the most prominent fruits of the planetary sustainability project are all available online, and open access. Read my short introductory editorial to the planetary sustainability collection, just published: All of the articles of the collection are provided by leading experts in the field: Simonetta Di Pippo (UNOOSA): The contribution of space for aContinue reading “Fruits for the Future”

WSF 2019: Short Report

The UN and Austria’s WORLD SPACE FORUM, taking place 18-22 November in Vienna, was an extension of the idea of the UN’s High-Level fora as preparatory and follow-up events of the 2018 millenium space conference UNISPACE+50. The invitation-only event brought together experts and policymakers from regional, national and local institutions, private organizations, academic institutions, non-governmentalContinue reading “WSF 2019: Short Report”

World Space Forum 2019

From 18-22 November, the World Space Forum takes part in Vienna, conjointly organized by the United Nations and Austria. The honour to be invited to participate is an obligation. I want to monitor the situation regarding sustainability in space as on Earth, and also promote the idea for an 18th Sustainable Development Goal (SDG): “OurContinue reading “World Space Forum 2019”

How to support? Wie unterstützen?

We are looking for Sponsors to plan our next events. Kindly contact me, if you are interested.  Funding target 2022 : 25.000 CHF As individual, an easy way to support the project is via this link. Als Einzelperson besteht die Möglichkeit, das Projekt über diesen Link zu unterstützen. If you want to save our planet’sContinue reading “How to support? Wie unterstützen?”

Backers 2018

The beginning of our efforts to secure funding for the project was a crowdfunding campaign on wemakeit. Here are the glorious backers, which donated 22.101 CHF: Den Spendenauftakt hat eine Crowdfundingaktion auf wemakeit gemacht. Hier sind die ehrenwerten Unterstützer der erfolgreichen Kampagne, die 22.101 CHF eingeworben hat: Proxima Centauri Benjamin Gräub ( Dimidium Tijmen AukesContinue reading “Backers 2018”